Emerging from a battle
The child in me survives
With all the hope of everyone
My soul has come alive

The journey was so arduous
But every step I knew
My horizons would be brighter
All because of you

My Heart in life expounding
With childlike reveries
Taking me to that special place
Where children seem to be

Today I am reborn again
With life that I will share
Because of every one of you
Who helped me through the fear

And yes I feel the love now
I've cradled it inside
Reserving it for someone else
Who also will survive

Please know that if you need me
I will be here for you
Armed with all the wondrous gifts
With love that got me through

Each morning a new presence
The child awakes inside
Brought to you with gentleness
For journey I've survived.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 9, 2004

Dedicated to all who have struggled

And survived Cancer

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Midi "Comfort" Original by

JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*

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