Quietly amongst us they walk in gentle peace

Reaching out to touch us with love they all release

Knowing we will feel them in a gentle breeze

Lovingly caress us and hear our heartfelt pleas


Walking in procession coming too and fro

Even though we're hurting ~ we feel courageous glow

These the wings of Angels arriving here on earth

Gift sent from the Heavens that gives us greater worth

Wings are here for journey to calm us in our grief

Love is of the essence and their time is never brief

Soft winds are now upon us with love that's like a prayer

Softly hear the whispers of Angel's wings in air

All of you now burdened with journey of great fear

Their wings are here to guard you ~ always very near

Each day in life an Angel ~ they always fill the sky

Strength all filled with courage ~ an Angel's gentle sigh

They are always with you ~ the gift of life they share

Always and forever their wings are everywhere

Sharing in the footsteps that both of you have placed

Imprints made together ~ they never are erased

Joined with you in battle as you climb the hills so tall

Guarding and protecting you with encouragement for all

For God has sent His Angels to help to get you through

No greater gift in all the world ~ an Angel's love for you.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright January 8, 2004


Dedicated to those going through the struggle and

pain in the battle they are waging against cancer. May

they know and feel the love of gentle wings that surround

them and form a circle of love and protection each

day as they forge ahead in their journey for life.

We love and admire you all ~ Francine

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Midi Entitled "Eternal Beauty"

Original by JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*

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