In life we find an angel
That walks upon this earth
No wings or halo showing
But heaven's gift at birth

Holding you with tenderness
Feeling all your pain
Giving you encouragement
That falls like gentle rain

That very special Angel
That gives that gentle peace
Her halo is not missing
It's right there at your reach

Always with that extra love
So willingly she shares
No matter what her life is like
These wings in life she wears

For she has made a promise
To help to get you through
And there she is just smiling
Watching over you

Look there right beside you
See a special glow
Shining with a radiance
That only you could know

Angels born from heaven
They seem to walk your way
With love and true compassion
The friends that always stay

And so I know an Angel
Who's stands so very tall
With friendship and such beauty
Her love sustains us all.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 10, 2004

Dedicated to all those who help

those with Cancer in their hour of need

and who stay with them through it all.

You truly are Angels on Earth.

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Midi "Heaven of Beauty" An

Original by JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*

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