Wishing on a special star
Look above and there you are
Set within the sky I see
Special angel watching me

Stars all blinking shining bright
Bringing wishes every night
No more darkness that I fear
Knowing that my angel's near

Keeping light to shine on me
Cast the love so constantly
Beauty in the sky of blue
Always sparkling next to you

Softness watching from above
Casting stars so filled with love
Touch the hearts of all who care
Love abounding everywhere

Peace be found in what is there
Remnant of God's beauty rare
Glowing on the moon above
Stars that twinkle in her love

Make a wish and she'll hear you
Close your eyes dreams come true
Feel the warmth from up above
Falling down on you with love.

Francine Pucillo

Copyright 2002



Midi "Twinkle Little Star" by Jim Brickman

Obtained From Arlene's Miscellaneous Midi's

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