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Light it springs eternal
As waves crash on the sand
Beacon of all hopefulness
Extending with God's Hand

Guardian of friendship
Reflecting all the way
Storms in life will gather
Light won't fade away

Peace to those in sadness
Who need a special guide
Light in all it's beauty
Within your life reside

Darkness has a glow now
Light for those distressed
Reaching destination
Life be always blessed

Gentle glow that's present
Within our very soul
Holding on with all we have
Light's beacon will console

Light to always guide you
To bring you to the shore
Filling you with peacefulness
This love will now restore

Storms forever gathered
Within the darkest night
Light in all it's splendor
Warmth with such delight

Rainbows cross the ocean
Reflecting love supplied
Myriad of colors
Each storm of life subside.

Francine Pucillo



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