With gentleness and kindness
He journeyed in my life
I've never seen his countenance
But I have seen his light

He shines with greatest beauty
Encourages a glow
This very special friend I met
I am so pleased to know

With many miles between us
It's like he is next door
Walking in the path of life
His heart gives special tour

I know I met a gentle soul
Who's heart is always there
Like roses on a special vine
His friendship I will share

Though I never met him
I think that he should know
I always will be grateful
For the beauty he bestows

I think I found a special Knight
With armor made of gold
A joy to me in every way
His friendship I will hold

So grateful for his presence
I never feel alone
Milady of the poetry
Has Knight her soul enthrones.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 1999


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