~ Treasure To Behold ~
Dedicated to
~ Virginia Ellis ~

My sweet friend writes such poetry
She makes my heart just smile
She writes about all kinds of things
Does it with great style

Always brings a smile you see
Her heart made of pure gold
An aging angel is what she says
But she's beauty to behold

She never ever will be old
Her heart is young and fair
This lady with a message
Will always have youth's flair

A gift of so much beauty
The sign of love she knows
For all the years she gathers
It's only love she shows

Although she thinks she's aging
I know this can't be true
How can someone age
With a heart so pure and true

Forever she will have her youth
She wears it in her soul
The words she writes will penetrate
This gift of love her goal

Though years may come and years may go
She'll forever hold our hearts
Her words will bring true wisdom
Each word a gift of art

Want to know an angel
Who'll never need a cane
She walks and stands so glorious
Yes, Jesus knows her name

You see He put her down on earth
To bring some joy and peace
Her messages of beauty live
Her love will just increase

So if you see this angel
With wings that will remain
Tell her that her friend Fran said
She's pure as gentle rain

Cascading like a waterfall
That sparkles diamond's bright
Her words fall from the heavens
She always shares this light

A person with a heart like hers
Well they just can't get old
They dance along within their life
God's treasure to behold.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

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