Dedicated to my Friend
~ James Earl ~


Each year he makes a journey
Five roses in his hand
He visits those who left him
Now walking in God's Land

A rose upon his Father's grave
A rose for Mother too
A special rose for brother
Then one for friend he knew

Then he walks within this place
Seeks out grave that's bare
Clears this place of such neglect
That's barren with no care

He fixes up this grave site
For soul he does not know
Places there his final rose
This grave has special glow

Each year he makes this journey
With roses love abounds
Four roses for his loved ones
One rose for love that's found

His heart so pure and gentle
This act of love so kind
The spirit of this stranger
With beauty now will bind

Random acts of kindness
Will always have a place
Because someone of beauty
Has shown how love is traced.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2002~2005


This poem dedicated to a man with the tenderness

and love to fill all of Waco Texas.

Love you James






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