A sister's love is like a prayer

A special gift that's always there

Holding on with all her might

Always making things alright

Gathered in the time we measure

Throughout our life a special treasure

Giving us so many gifts

A testament to love that lifts

Made with care and joy to share

The joy of love forever near

Each gift a story of love defined

Made with beauty heart designed

Looking back through all our years

Responding to my hopes and fears

I think of her with all life's blessings

Feeling strength so unrelenting

I love her for so many things

For little thoughts and love she brings

No more in life could I have known

The beauty of this joy I own

She captures love in things created

Within her hands such wealth related

A doll with eyes and smile that shines

A memento of the love designed

Looking back I see a path

Of love created that will last

Within the confines of our souls

It's Cindy's love that makes me whole.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright January 20, 2011



This poem written for Cindy Estephan

Sister of Nora Lea Greig, my life-long

friend who wanted to give Cin something

special. The rag doll that you see in this

graphic was made by Cindy as a young girl.

During Nora's bout with cancer Cin made her

wonderful hats and has created so many

wonderful gifts from the joy of her heart

with her hands, which were blessed for

sharing love through creating a masterpiece.



Thoughts of Love For My Sister "Cin"

By Nora Lea Greig Sands

On reflection of my baby sister.....and watching her grow and blossom into the most beautiful flower of all.....and so as you wrote in your poetic writings Fran...."And so as wine mellows with age...so does life when love sets the stage"....so be it declared and documented over and over and over....how true it is....

Omg....check this out ...This is the only doll Cin has left of her talents that she had over all the years...Betty (her stepmom) had it all these years and still did....so she gave it to Cin when I lamented to Cin  that she kept nothing of all her wonderful talented things she has made over all the years....so I wanted you to see this...Isn't she precious ....Cin's answer to the cabbage patch that was always out of stock in all the major department stores likes Bloomingdales, Macy's and Toys R Us...See what did I tell ya...she was always into something Cin was....amazing woman of soooo many talents....and on top of this...she worked as top hostess and model at the famous Downingtown Inn where many celebrities entertained there....raised a set of beautiful twins by herself also achievers with many accomplishments in athletics and both principals now...and redid a whole three story house herself room by room...and still sewed or refurbished antiques and reupholstered furniture, or made these adorable dolls, on woman's social and political movement -  did a decoupage of all women in all walks of life on 5ft x 3 ft. wood and then stained about l5-20 times...it was breathtaking....eventually she got rid of that artful creation...oy....it was such a masterpiece of that time period in life when woman were struggling to be recognized as more than justa housewife and mother....and days of Betty White and all those other feminists that helped make the woman's movement successful...like Cin and Barb ......marched not only for this...but also for those battling cancer when she herself had all these debilitating medical issues and then got her son sweet Michael too who also did weekends in cancer drives for those who have loved and lost and have those battling cancer in their families....Oh yes...calligraphy and pottery... Yes...Cin's legacy goes on and on and on....now landscaping and photography....She is just an amazing and phenomenal woman of many, many talents....one to emulate for sure...and makes us all aware and hopeful that yes...
It is possible to be all that you want to be and can and have it all and live the American dream ....even though the tides may be against you at times....and that there may be only one set of footsteps that you can see in the sands of time....you still move  on thru it all and then to realize later on in reflection of the picture painted.... it was then that He carried you....what blessings and gifts she has been to us all thru her divine and heavenly talents and love...I dare say she has been a positive influence not only on me and many others...but also on Tam as well...and just some of the reasons we love her so and in my heart she will always be that baby-sister of mine....still sweetest of all...and might I add...always smiling thru it all...and gracious and giving to all those around her....
Yes.. these are just some of the reasons she has been an inspiration to me during all the years of my life growing up and thru it all...yes...she is that portrait to me of the "Feminine Mystic" of the seventies and eighties....and all it's historical struggles and accomplishments now enjoyed as our new Bill of Rights for woman to be all they want to be and can...and she certainly is all this and more....I rest my case...
Hugs...Miss Nora Lea 


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