Petals and pearls
Touched with sweet dew
Glistening with joy
The love of each hew

There on a table
Or close to our heart
A pearl tells the story
Of love's greatest art

Each pearl life's enchantment
With love that inspires
Created with glory
To fill love's desires

From depths of an ocean
To silk string of glow
Each one so unique
A parable flows

There in the beauty
A flower designed
To add to it's richness
With scent so sublime

So here I will offer
What comes from the depths
Of life's special treasure
Love's soft silhouettes.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright April 25, 2004


Dedicated to Nora for her love of life

and for her love of the beauty of

Roses and Pearls.









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