Flowers from your garden
They're shared by everyone
Taking care their nurtured
They worship morning sun

Each special little petal
You raised so tenderly
Creating a life's garden
That glows majestically

Each bouquet of beauty
That you have made with care
Is fragrant as it blossoms
With perfume that is rare

Floral gifts of beauty
That come with love from you
Are treasures that we gather
That last our whole life through

Lovely velvet petals
Raised up to the sky
Blesses us with sunshine
As we go strolling by

So thank you for the garden
That fills us with such light
Nurtured oh so carefully
Much to our delight

Each day a brand new flower
That gives us time to pause
To let you know we're grateful
For this garden with a cause

That blankets all our sorrows
That makes our spirit's soar
All within this Garden
That's here forevermore.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright January 10, 2004

For My Friend Nora
Who Has Always Been A "Survivor"






Carmen Entracte Intermezzo by George Bizet (Arranged by JMC)

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