Together for forever
That's how it's going to be
Through all of our life's journey
You've always cared for me

Those times that I remembered
They're carved so deep inside
With memories and laughter
And tears I cannot hide

For me you were the sunshine
That eased that awful pain
That gave me so much courage
That always shall remain

And so we're on a journey
A course that has been set
No matter what the outcome
We will have no regrets

With those you love around you
With special help from high
We share this road together
We give you wings to fly

For all that you have given
In spirit and with pride
Is passed along this journey
Through all the tears we've cried

The streams in life they sparkle
With diamond crystal beads
With footsteps we are taking
We know that you will lead

So reach that place within you
Where you want to be
And we shall be your circle
That goes on endlessly.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright October 31, 2003

Dedicated to Nora as she embarks

on her journey for a new beginning ~

"We Wish You Love"






"Celtic Lullaby by Heatherli (Susan) Giffen

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