There are many things in life that we hold dear to our

hearts, many things that are always a constant.

For me the one constant in my life is Nora, my childhood

friend. Someone I traveled many a road with through

life, and as children. We were fortunate enough to meet

through the child welfare system that brought us together

 in a home run by the Good Shepherd nuns, and from

that day forward we have remained friends.

The reason for my explanation and for introducing you

to my dear friend Nora is because she means a great

deal to me, for the most part she was that second

sister in my life and someone who my family took to

their hearts and  was always a part of the family. Of course,

years and moving separated us and we sometimes

did not speak for ages, but each time we started our

conversations again, it was like we were never separated.

I do believe that that is a true test of real friendship. 

Let me tell you a little about Nora, she

is kind, and thoughtful, loving and considerate, always

willing to go to the extremes to make you happy on

any given occasion. Whether it be St. Patrick's Day or

any day of the year, she is every holiday wrapped in one

to anyone she knows. She has always been selfless

and kind and giving and inherently a good person.

Recently she was diagnosed with cancer, which has

been very devastating to all who know and love her.

She has taken this news and has thought of every possible

outcome, thinking of only the "good of everyone else" in

this instance. I wanted to give Nora a place on my

site to find comfort, so I am making this Nora's

Comfort Room, where she can go and let her heart

drift in any direction. I also want to support her

and if necessary ask those who care to help her in

this long and arduous journey she will take.

In my heart I know that Nora will conquer this

interruption in her life, as she has much to live for

and much to laugh for.  I wish my friend in life

all that is good and calming, all that she has given in

life to everyone come back one hundredfold each day.

Nora lives in Taberg, New York with her husband

Jake, her children, Tammy, JJ, Gregory, Jeremy,

Damien. And her most beloved grandchildren.

Nora's, Mom Audrey also lives with the family.


We are all pulling for you Nora and know that

you will be with us for many years to come.

We love you, and will support you no matter

what you have to face. You are not alone.


Love you Fran




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Midi Entitled "Peace In The Heart"

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