Words are flowing in an endless prayer
Every moment in my life will find you there
Time it seems has all but slipped away

With every breath of  life I want to say

No one takes away what's in the soul

The very essence of it still consoles

So here you are and I am too

Let's make the best of  what we do

Whatever road it is you have to take

I am with you now and won't forsake

All emotions you're going through

Hear the whispers of "I love you"

Courage born in you beyond compare

So much strength in life you always wear

Yes within this life my "Walden's Pond"

With reflections I will build upon

Friendship there in every diamond's glow

Love and kindness it shall overflow

Time in life a never ending gain

Seasons change but evermore remain

Time in life will never pass away

Without a word or deed of love to stay

And you have meant the world to me

And for me this will go on constantly

So in the truth of what we know

In the life of what will come and go

You have brought a rainbow bright

Into the world of shaded light

Each day a purpose and a special prayer

Look around my friend we all are here

Watching you with love and pride each day

Knowing beauty never fades away.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 31, 2003











Midi "Have You Ever 2"  Heatherli (Susan) Giffen

Obtained from http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/


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