In your life if you're sad or blue

There's just one thing you need to do

Take a moment to say hello

To the best friend that I know

Yes, her name is sweet Nora Lea

And she loves unconditionally

She gives all the love she can spare

In a blink of an eye she's there

With her thoughtful prophetic gifts

Your countenance in life will shift

For in her most delightful way

She will give you a sunshine day

With her hair that's so brightly red

And her heart with it's golden threads

She'll attach herself with love

And your spirit will soar above

Doesn't matter what your day

Or the sorrow that comes your way

Nora Lea's the one to show

How softly the winds can flow

With all the breath she shares

You know in life she truly cares

So lets hear it for Nora Lea

Who'll stand by you constantly

And then I would like to say

That my heart is full today

For all the love I am wearing

It's her shawl of love so caring

No friend in life is better

And I profess this to the letter

So thank you Miss Nora Lea

For being there constantly

May you always know the glory

Of  love told in a story

That has a happy ending

Because Nora Lea's attending

And for now this poem has ended

But in my heart extended

For the hours of precious time

Every "heartbeat" in perfect rhyme.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright October 11, 2004




This is dedicated to my beloved friend who has gone

through a long process of healing from breast cancer and

still continues to struggle. She has helped me through the

loss of my sister Lorraine and recently the loss of my niece

Maddie. She is the most giving and beautiful human spirit that

it has been my pleasure to know. There is no day when I

think of Nora that I don't smile and say "I am so glad that she

walked with me through my whole life."


So Thank you Sweet Nora Lea,

you mean all the world to me.

~ Love Fran ~

Midi Entitled "Ka-Poe-o-Ka-Mele" by "The Great" Mickey Gentle

Obtained from Laura's Midi Heaven


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