May Christmas fill your senses

With warmth and love to share

With arms outstretched  to hold you

In love and tender care

May your Christmas morning

Be filled with lights that shine

Upon your heart forever

This glow shall be divine

For you have given many

The love that can't compare

With joy and sweet surrender

This joyous love you share

Santa lives within you

Throughout the endless times

His heart and yours forever

Two hearts that are combined

And so then on this Christmas

When life is filled with woe

Remember all who love you

They're here to tell you so

Our wish for you this Christmas

And each day through the year

That peace will calm your spirit

With love that's always near

Merry Christmas Nora

This love is yours to feel

For Santa loves you truly

His presence you reveal

Through all the years of glory

Through all the years of pain

Each heart print we have gathered

So beautifully remains.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright December 5, 2003










Midi Entitled "The Gift" Composed and Performed by Bruce DeBoer

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