The road we paved along the way
Is filled with love we gathered
Within the heart of friendship's gift
Our years were some what scattered

That truly didn't matter much
For in our hearts we knew
Those precious hours never lost
It made each day brand new

We reminisced of younger days
The sorrow and the pain
We held each other from the hurt
Kicked puddles in the rain

We tried to make the best of life
We held each others hand
Didn't need to very much
Our friendship in command

Looking at our masterpiece
Each brush stroke life created
A canvas full of colors blessed
By all the love related

I'll always see the flowers bloom
The butterfly take wing
Fluttering around our hearts
With happiness it brings

There never was a minute lost
Of all the years we borrowed
So gather all the treasures shared
We'll save them for tomorrow

The butterflies that gather now
Have colors you've created
Such beauty I shall always see
With all the joy you gave to me.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

© Copyright July 2013



There are so many years I have had to reflect on over these past few days when I heard the words I had dreaded were coming. Mom is gone, a little girl was on the phone hysterical over losing her Mommy, that's the voice I heard not the voice of a grown woman with children of her own, but the voice of Tammy as a little girl once again.

Finally the words that I dreaded I heard and my body went limp, I have had so many years to worry about when Nora would leave this earth and she fought so valiantly for so long to stay with us that I started to believe she wasn't going anywhere. She knew that she would die but not just yet, too many needed her, that was her fight and those extra years her body managed to give her were not for Nora but for all of us here today.

There are so many things I want to say about Nora and they are things of joy and happiness, but also of pain, suffering and many bumps in the road she traveled. So for now I will tell you what Nora was to me.

Nora was the first flowers of spring dancing in the soft breezes of the warmth that finally let the grounds thaw from the long hard winters. She was gentle as the soft grass under your feet in the moist dew of early morning, grateful for all the beauty of nature. She set the stage for summer to arrive putting out her tables and chairs and enjoying her children and her grandchildren. She enjoyed life, she loved living and she would tell you that you should be that way.

She had the ability to describe things that painted a picture for you. So many paintings I have in my mind that I can call up close my eyes and see every stroke of her invisible brush. She was a remarkable woman.

She would love to get you into a conversation and keep it going even if you said okay Nora I give up, she had to have the last word, but it always had to have an ending that did not put you down or make you feel like you just lost an argument. She would laugh in the end of it all and make you laugh too. But always that last word....... It belonged to her.

I can spend hours and hours talking about my best and dearest friend in my whole life but I am having a difficult time knowing that today, the final day I bid farewell to my sweet Nora Lea, I finally get to have the last word.

If I could give you one more day on this earth just to know how much you were loved, I would gladly give it to you and tell you that to me you were the joy of my life, the friend that I could never replace. The heart that held so much compassion and love belonged to you. Nora could dance without music, skip through puddles in the rain not caring who she splashed laughing as she did it. She could forgive you before you finished that "I am sorry note"...... She was all the things you look for in a woman of substance. I want to thank her for the years we shared, from young kids clinging to each other in happiness to living our lives the best we could. Every day was a miracle in my life because Nora was in it. I will never forget her. I will hold her close to my heart for the rest of my days on this earth.

I love you Miss Nora Lea, I finally got the last word......


Always, Fran

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