Garden of Life's Emotions by Francine ~ For Nora

Each gentle breeze arriving
Within our life does stay
A moment of compassion
Through love will make its way
For life for me is better
Because I share your heart
This gift you gave a blessing
God's treasured work of art
The years we spend unending
Within each day's new dawn
Our friendship lasts forever
Even through worst storms
For you are there to hold me
With friendship and with love
A gift we shared since childhood
The treasures I think of
And yes we have our moments
When laughter fills the air
And then there are the sad times
When we know of life's despair
But for me you are the giver
The one who shares with all
No matter what the problem
You make them very small
So I am here to tell you
That life has been a lesson
But friendship that is golden
Is truly God's sweet blessing
You have been that spirit
That soars within my eyes
The light of every new day
As moments pass us by
Lest I have not told you
Within our path that binds
Our footsteps made together
Are golden paths defined
You are like the rainbow
With gentle colors strewn
Across my heart and spirit
That gives me life anew.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright September 17, 2005

This poem dedicated to my friend Nora who
owns a special place in my heart and is a perfect
description of a giving and loyal friend.
She has been through so much in life
and still manages to find a way to comfort
those in their time of need. My heart and soul
and spirit is always repaired by her gentleness
and compassionate understanding of life
and all it's sorrows ~ always she will give you
the brightest new tomorrow.
I thank you Nora for being born to the
glory of the definition of "friendship."
For me you are the epitome of "heartfelt" love.
Love Fran


Midi Entitled "Love Thee Dearest " Obtained From "Moose Midis"

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