In life we wage our battles

To live for everyone

No matter what the cost is

Our journey has begun

Our hearts are filled with sorrow

For all that we go through

But nothing aches more tragically

Then losing part of you

Our hair the crowning glory

Has all but disappeared

But love is always flowing

In gifts of life through tears

A gift arrived from heaven

Though angel lives on earth

Within love's finest treasure

That shows love's greatest worth

Within this box of treasures

Were hats made with such care

Each one with inspiration

Each one with love to share

So love can move a mountain

That's very plain to see

For gifts of joy now given

They mean the world to me

Although my hair is gone now

My mirror's not the same

But love I see a testament

Of beauty I have gained

Love is not forgotten

Through pain you feel in life

For it is just that breath of love

That helps you through the strife

And though my heart is broken

I know that deep inside

My hair is overflowing

With Cindy's love ~ my pride.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright February 14, 2004


This poem written and dedicated to Nora's

sister Cindy who lives in Pennsylvania and

who made her many beautiful hats for her

to wear when her hair fell out.


My sweet friend Nora, lost her hair

from chemo the other day, but her spirit

 and her beauty it remains with her because

of the love of her sister Cindy.


Although Cindy has great difficulty using

her hands she made many beautiful hats

for Nora, and also made her a beautiful

blanket to wrap around her to feel the love.


Cindy has given her the most

special thing in life you can give when

things are difficult "Love" ~ Isn't that

all we ever really need in life.


Thank you Cindy ~ You are a Treasure.


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