Within the years of memories

In all our childhood treasuries

There is much to say

That fills my heart each day

All those years before

And the hours so much more

With skies of golden hues

Our childhood dreams came true

For you were by my side

Through all the many tides

And yes there were the storms

Yet every rainbow newly born

Through the years and all the tears

All our laughter and our fears

You were near to me

With friendship's harmony

Through the sorrow of my life

You were there to ease my strife

Friendship is the gift we share

Within the joy of special care

Reflections of the face I see

In youthful glow lives endlessly

And so it is and it will be

The joy that gives life harmony

Life will hold it's pain

Yet joy of laughter does remain

For you were that special blend

Of every childhood friend

Times remembered are designed

To fill that space in time

Lest we should forget

What made us happiest

So on this special day

When all that matters any way

Is the hours we have known

That makes the joy all our own

Your friendship filled my heart

Like a masterpiece of art

With pallet's colors bright

That filled our life with light.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright December 15, 2004







Midi Entitled "What You Mean To Me"

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