Throughout our life a journey

That brought us to this place

A childhood of remembrances

With heart's that do embrace

Times in life for drifting

To days of old and past

Each a special moment

That our life will emulate

Children born together

Within the softest field

Of love that was both giving

Teaching how to yield

To life with all it's burdens

To days so filled with fun

As years that we were growing

It made us both as one

Hearts born out of wisdom

With love that we could share

A time that we'll remember

With home that always there

For along this special journey

Our paths were sure to pass

And road we walked together

Was blest with love to last

Taught with deep compassion

By those who gave us love

All of them are gathered

Within the sky above

Looking down and smiling

At their children once again

Born within life's destiny

Where tenderness remains.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright May 25, 2004



Dedicated to the years Nora and I shared as children

with the Good Shepherd nuns who brought us to

a friendship that would last for all these years. There

is not a time when we don't think of that first day many

years ago when we met and were destined to become

the very best of friends, who have stood the test of time.


I know that all our special "Mothers" are looking down

and watching over Nora during this difficult time in her life

and continuing to bless her as they have blessed us for all

the years of our lives. Thank you Nora for your friendship,

your caring, and your most generous and loyal heart.

I shall always treasure the hours we have shared and

look forward to all the hours that are yet to come.


As Always Fran







Midi Entitled "If"


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