With rays of sunshine coming through
With butterflies in special hues
I think of you and I say
How grateful I am for every day
For you are there as it should be
A treasure of humanity
As precious as the sun drenched sky
I think of you and always sigh
What beauty in the world to see
That fills my life with harmony
Friendship that is always blooming
Within the heart is most consuming
You will always be a part
Of joy that fills the saddest heart
The one who gives without a question
The very soul that you're possessing
Filled with joy and precious times
Filled with love and happy rhymes
These the gifts in life we share
Because your heart is always there
So my friend I thank you for
The waves of love that you restore
Life has been a special reason
To fill the heart in every season
You are summer winter spring
The fall of love so comforting
Each season is the art of peace
Because of friendship joy's increased
Every day I look on high
See the beauty passing by
Knowing you are at my side
It fills the heart with so much pride.
Francine Pucillo
©Copyright June 6, 2006

Dedicated to my most precious friend in life Nora









Midi Entitled "Sunshine On My Shoulders" by John Denver

Obtained by Arlene's Heavenly Midis


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