You look beautiful  today

I can see that in your sway

Taking steps that are divine

Always moving right in time

With your hat you look so sweet

Such a fashion plate to greet

As the flowers enhance your day

With their petals so bright and gay

Keeping tempo to the beat

Taking courage to move those feet

And I'm seeing that each day

I'm so proud I have to say

Your beauty is overflowing

With all that love you're showing

I'm proud that you're my friend

And this dance will never end

Each day a new beginning

And all of us are singing

For you are every reason

There's joy in every season

And that hat it so becomes you

That touch of class is meant to

With flowers of a bright bouquet

You look marvelous every day.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright February 10, 2004



Writing this little poem for Nora as she is going

through a difficult time right now not feeling too

beautiful and I want her to know that she is absolutely

the most beautiful person I have ever known.










Midi Entitled "Ka-Poe-o-Ka-Mele" by "The Great" Mickey Gentle

Obtained from Laura's Midi Heaven


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