Reflections that you're seeing

The beauty that you share

It's always in life's mirror

The glory that you wear

Seek and you'll discover

The beauty is defined

Reflections in the mirror

Remain through life designed

Changes come in moments

One day you feel so blest

Then that time of changing

What colors suit you best

Is it what you look like

Or is it what you see

Reflections in your mirror

Are miracles for me

With such deliberation

What is it that you seek

The beauty that's before you

It's in the heart that speaks

For all the life you've gathered

Through every path you take

Your beauty is your quality

That no one can forsake

So look within your mirror

And see the glow return

It's captured in your gentleness

The beauty you have earned

No one sees you better

Than those in life who care

Your beauty is unending

Reflections always there.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright May 10, 2004

Nora just completed her chemo treatment and now

will have a respite before starting her radiation. It has

been a particularly difficult time for her but she has remained

upbeat and her usual "giving" self. She is a remarkable woman,

filled with courage and always a good word for others. I have to

say that through her long process of a very difficult chemotherapy

she has held many up and given her strength to see others through

a most difficult journey. She truly is a one-of-a-kind woman

who has been a champion for many.


My heart and soul is bursting with love for her ability

to gather all the positives in life that she seems to find

in even the most devastating time of her life.


So many years we have shared a friendship, so many

years I have admired her ability to fly with golden wings

and bring  joy to others. Today, my friend you have

done that once again. I ,for one, am grateful for your

commitment to life and for the special beauty you always have.


Love You My Friend ~ Fran


Midi Entitled "Inspiration" by Roger Needham

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