Recently I made an entry in Nora's guest book

as a Christmas gift. After she read it she attempted to

write something in the guest book for me and so I found it

so very special that I wanted to share each and every

word that she wrote with all of you. Nora has been my

life-long friend who has had a great deal of influence on me

during these many years we have shared. She has suffered

much and as you will see she is always able to see the light

of love that is the epitome of her very special life.

I will post the poem below what she

says so that you may see it.

Aww....that was such a sweet letter and poem that you wrote for me....What would I ever do without the love and support that you have given so willingly over all the years of my life too...I know that we have held each other together and mended the wounds of the heart, mind and soul throughout all the years that we have had the privilege and blessings of journeying together...


I could not imagine my life's existence without you in it as you have always been and will always be the best part of my heart, mind and spiritual self...a reflection of all that is beautiful and good and worthy of recognition and endless love....Another year has come and gone so quickly and with it...we have managed to weather all the storms it brought with it and brought out the sunshine over and over and managed to find the rainbows at the end of each storm...though all seemed so dark and threatening....and we have only become stronger from it all and like the weeping willow of time...We have learned to once again show the beauty and grace of bending with the winds of time as we grow taller and stronger and more beautiful with branches that are able to spread wider to encompass and enfold ever more and more wind...and yet...remain ever so graceful and beautiful...and whatever the new year holds in store for us...we will always have the branches which have become our glide through it all...and above it... to new horizons bright....

Whether we be together or makes no we are bound in heart and spiritual unity always...for we have learned that all of life's answers are in the beauty that surrounds us in the nirvana gardens, rivers, streams, mountains and clouds that God has given us to live and learn by....and we gather our strengths from the wisdoms we have sought and found in the simplicities of Mother Nature's nurturing ways of just being...such tranquility, serenity, love and beauty to be had for the soul in search of peace, joy, love and happiness in life, love and friendship...We take many paths in life and though a man's body, mind and soul may be tattered and worn.. and his feet blistered from all the rocks he has tripped over in his journey... the very hurtful stones by the same token...have eventually given him cushions in the form calluses to continue on life's journey...and through it all he has learned much such as how to deal with struggles, gains strengths, humility and fortitude and courage and the will to go on to find the beauty and bounty that he now knows is there...

He learns to survive the worst in life and nature as he is humbled much...and then learns in the silence of all the turmoil he can hear the song and symphonies played by all creatures...both big and small and hear the music of the crashing tides now flowing with life's currents in streams that flow freely and quench all his thirsts...and that every seed that is planted...if nurtured and cared for will bring forth a flower of unmatched beauty...for the dawning of each new day with it brings not only the promise of a tomorrow yet to come...but the warmth of the sun...and the butterfly once a lowly caterpillar... who will spread her wings in the most beautiful array of colors and show us how to rebirth and fly to new horizons so too must we...learn to emulate the tiny creatures of the earth that send to us such wisdoms and inspiration of survival, grace, beauty and love....Does not the forest in the worst of storms ...with loud thundering, lightening and horrendous rainfalls....get blown and tossed about... yet their roots hold firm...and once the storm has passed and the dawning of a new day has come...she has weathered the storm and the sun comes out...and the big and little creatures who took refuge wherever they could...come out once again ...and the birds sing once again... and the sun shines once again and a calm is once again restored as if nothing had ever happened...

and so it is with every situation in life that brings with it threatening clouds, lightening and horrendous rains....we learn to take refuge and know that all will pass in time...that adversities only make us stronger and that the sun can and will shine once again...and we can spread our wings and fly like a butterfly with much grace and beauty...with multi-colored hues...of living life..

Well...I hope some of this has made sense...and knowing that we are bound in spiritual communion always we are never alone...for my heart is always with yours is with me...and no matter what crossroads in life that we encounter in the coming new year...we will be able to find refuge in the beauty and love that surrounds both of us...for we are one in nature....I love you my dearest friend...and I truly hope that that will be the cushion upon which you rest your weary mind always... in the spirit of who we were and are together...

Always and Forever

Ms. Nora Lea


Here is the entry made in Nora's guest book

 to which she replied above.

We see a light before us
It gives it's greatest glow
It radiates with beauty
The love just overflows

It's Christmas in the present
With bows and ribbons worn
On gifts of every special thing
That keeps our hearts so warm

For me you are that present
That constantly will share
Throughout the years of friendship
Your heart forever there

And so it is this Christmas
When love is in the air
My thoughts are always with you
With very special prayer

I think of all the happy times
And all the sad times too
But grateful for this friendship
For all your love comes through

So very Merry Christmas
With love and all that's bright
For every day is Christmas
Because you are "The Light."

Francine Pucillo
ęCopyright December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to my best friend in the whole world,

Ms. Nora Lea. I love you.

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