Our hearts filled with sorrow

Our spirits seem lost

Such power in evil

With such a high cost

Each life that was taken

Is shattered and torn

Each one we'll remember

By spirits now born

The tears that are falling

Are gathered and saved

In rivers of sadness

That life has engraved

We look at your faces

Our heart skips a beat

Each one of you precious

And so we repeat

Your presence is gathered

By hours of past

Now gathered with beauty

These memories shall last

We hear your sweet laughter

It echoes with love

We whisper your names

As we look up above

You light up the darkness

With flames that go on

Your spark glows forever

Bringing each dawn

When night time has fallen

The stars will align

Creating the beauty

Of lights you've designed

Your road is now paved

With miles that remain

For all you have traveled

Your life not in vain

The hours stay with us

The times that were blest

They echo in breezes

At each heart's request.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright April 16, 2007


Our hearts are filled with sorrow for the senseless murder of the students and

faculty of  Virginia Tech. There are truly no words that can compensate for

the loss that we have realized. Each day something tragic that happens we

ask the question "why" there is no answer to this. There is no rhyme or

reason for such devastation and yet we live with it on a daily basis.


Our hearts go out to all those who have to deal with this on a very personal

level. To the parents who lost children, to the wives, and the family members of

the teachers and to all of those whose life has been changed drastically by this

incredible act of evil that seems to invade our every day life with such ease.

To the student body of Virginia Tech we feel your pain and sorrow and know

that it is very difficult for all of you to understand why something like this

happened. To the faculty we pray for words for you to share with those

who are so deeply affected by what happened. The evil that lurks in life

has truly brought wrath and sadness to all those who walked the halls of

education in your midst. What a horrible day this has been for all of you.


We shall keep you in our prayers and hope that in some way the memory

of those who were lost will live on in your spirits and through your love

each day as you walk the halls where your friends and mentors no longer

share their footsteps. In life their chairs will be empty but you will

gather in your hearts a place for each of them to stay.


God Bless you and Deliver Us From Evil.


With great love and Compassion

Francine Pucillo


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