Passing in the night
As rain does fall from sky
Ships of regal beauty
Gliding softly by

Drifting on the water
In calmness of the night
Each ship is like a sentinel
Both guarding each in sight

Someone there to guide us
For those of us who share
Helping hands will reach across
With understanding there

Moving on the gentle waves
The helms are held steadfast
Going now their different ways
In quietness they pass

Magnificence in presence
Of friendship we can share
Like ships of royal splendor
Their meaning always there

Reaching out in peacefulness
To all our fellowman
Helping us to move along
Each ship now shares God's plan.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 18, 2001

The midi is  performed by ©Yuko Ohigashi. The midi is entitled Don't Go.

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