Lights now shine forever
A glow for miles defined
Our Angels all have gathered
Upon this earth Divined

Your Brothers Sisters Mothers
Fathers Daughters Sons
Relatives and many friends
Each glow in life now comes

Lights shine to the heavens
Through life they are now bound
Within the heart of everyone
Love's spirit light is found

Now until the break of day
Their lights on earth now loom
Across the skies of heavens
Rebounded love resumes

Deep within the core of love
Each glow has now appeared
Every valiant heart that rests
Courageous Souls revered

No day in life will pass us by
When we won't pause and say
Within this great and mighty place
Each precious heart will stay

Testament of sacrifice
Life's glory we shall see
As city lights with radiance
Each beam shines endlessly

Rest in peace upon this soil
Where tears of love have wept
Our tribute to the many lost
Each one our nation's best.

~ Francine Pucillo ~







Midi "Morning Glory" by Enya

Obtained from "Enya Fans Network"

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