They say the child shall lead us
But with what worth this day
For little ones were taken
By evil's grand display
Little ones so innocent
With love in life they share
Within the hands of evil
Such hate we can't repair
Evil with such venom
Who can understand
The purity of little ones
Destroyed by human hands
How pitiful these terrorists
Who scourge the earth and land
With blood spilled by the innocents
This horror just expands
Who will save the children
Who will calm the sea
Only God can do this now
We pray that it will be
Remembering the children
With tears we all have cried
Praying for their loved ones
Whose spirit now has died.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 10, 2004



Terrorists seized an elementary school in the Russian region of

North Ossetia on September 1, holding countless numbers of hostages

including over 200 children. They wore suicide belts and threatened

to blow themselves up if demands were not met. This attack was

the latest in a string of violence that has plagued the Russians and

the government of President Vladimir Putin, coming to power in

the year 2000 vowing to crush the Chechen rebels.


This despicable act by the terrorists is their answer

to their claims that many Muslims are being killed and tortured

by the government of Putin. Hundreds of people were injured

when explosions and shooting brought this bloody siege to a

 violent end. Most of the  casualties were children who were merely

starting their first day of school with high hopes and high spirits.


As we heard of this takeover of an elementary school in

Russia our hearts almost failed us. Who on this earth would

even want to put a child in danger. What kind of person who

claims that they love "God" would do something to His most

innocent children in life. We have seen such terrible acts

against humanity in these years of the New Millennium. When

will it all end? Will it ever end? It is indeed a sad revelation in

life to know that no one is sacred, most of all an innocent child,

when it comes to the mindset of these horrible people, who claim

they commit these terrible acts in the name of "God." It is

almost inconceivable to anyone in their "right mind" to think

that any act of terrorism like this will have a good ending.


As we pray for peace and understanding we constantly find

ourselves in a place where we are discouraged and feel such

hopelessness and horror with all we have seen in the name

of "God." It is absolute blasphemy to think that something as

horrific as this will be looked upon as something as a means

to an end ... there is nothing more dangerous than a man

 who says a prayer and then blows himself to pieces in the

 name of God. It makes no sense to any one who is of sound

mind that this is the answer to any oppression that is felt by

those individuals who do this and take innocent lives with them.


We pray for the families of all those lost in all these acts

of terrorism. Our hearts go out to each and every one of them.

There seems to be no hope for tomorrow but perhaps a prayer that

some way, some how, their hate can dissipate. Knowing that this

is something that will be hard to achieve, our thoughts and

prayers are always with the people who have to suffer because

of this rampant senseless terror that is taking over the world.


I pray that God will Bless the families of all those children

who were lost on this sad day. We pray that they find peace

 and comfort in knowing that there are good human beings

around the world that cry with them over their terrible losses.


In life every one who is lost through violence and ignorance has

left a mark on us all. Those who are left on earth to feel the

pain of those lost leave a tear that creates such a river of sadness

that reaches all across the land. Those tears bind us all

together on this earth to create a tide of love that never ends.

Our hearts are with all of you who have lost so very much.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

September 13, 2004 




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