Streams of life are endless
Life's words we shall recall
Upon the heart of heroes
These memories left for all

Knowledge sought with courage
His pen the mighty sword
Hearing truth of both sides
Each writer's noble cause

Not one word left unwritten
Nor one word left unsaid
Truth with such damnation
Another's blood was shed

Ignorance so blatant
Upon this gentle man
Hate will feed the hungry
Such evil in this plan

Heart of gold was taken
In name of God they say
What blasphemy upon them
As they bow their heads to pray

Today a hero leaves us
But we will carry on
For all that Danny gave us
We hope for a new dawn

Child that his wife carries
Hearts he left this day
Danny's love true measure
Of gentle streams that stay

In life the road to follow
Which path will not impede
Truth and light ascending
This a brave man's creed

Death may cause a silence
But words will still be heard
Written through the ages
The archives well preserved

Listen to the power
As streams in life will flow
Words will last forever
Danny's heart will glow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002




"Do You Dream Of Me" by Michael W. Smith

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