We stood beside the rubble
This day your heartbeat clear
As prayers arose to heaven
Our teardrops fell down here

With song sung by a master
Whose eyes not blind to see
Hearts so filled with sorrow
This hymn rose beautifully

Felt your spirits roaming
Above the ground this day
Each one in life that passed here
Your souls not far away

See the tears are falling
Each one from deep within
Message to our loved ones
Each day you'll live again

Forever in God's glory
With praise that reigns so high
Each one of you our hero
Our angels in the sky

That day you left your families
Your life so filled with dreams
The sky so blue above you
World's evil now blasphemes

Takes you from our earth now
Your souls rush to the sky
God above just waiting
Arms outstretched so wide

Holding you with honor
Each one of you He kissed
Upon your forehead softness
His children in His midst

Knowing that you hear us
In special place you roam
Your garden now forever
God's glory now your home

Your family on this earth now
Each one of us so blessed
So many words be written
Upon your heart will rest

Our great and mighty angels
Who lost their breath on earth
Will watch us and protect us
Their wings will give rebirth

Today your families gather
With love to you they send
Prayers you hear in unison
These words will rise again

You'll never be forgotten
In life your fate be known
Written in a Golden Book
To generations shown

We love you all so deeply
We raise our heads up high
See your brightness shining
God's jewels in vast supply

Go in peace Beloved
Within your Garden grown
The seeds of prayer are planted
Each flower now your own

Walk within your Garden
Feel God's gentle care
Holding on forever
With memories we share

So let it all be written
Across the sky above
Our Angels brave and tender
Sending us our love

When clouds are drifting slowly
We'll see your image clear
The mist upon God's Mountain
Will suddenly appear

All treasures last forever
Each name in life our own
The fortress of the bravery
Is carved within the stone

Our hands held out to hold you
Within our arms again
The chalice of our loved ones
With love and peace Amen.

~ Francine Pucillo ~









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