Each soul so deeply gathered
Within the sky above
Looking down so endlessly
Seeing special love

Hearts of love adoring
Each blessed gift they gave
Life now goes on endlessly
For valor they displayed

Fraught with deep emotion
The ones they left behind
Searching for the answers
Until the end of time

Bears our hearts of victory
That traveled to the Light
Standing tall they did their all
With valor they did fight

Every soul that's taken
A piece of them on earth
Held in deep compassion
For all the love their worth

Entered into battle
To forge a victory
Soldiers of our fortune
Each valued treasury

Watch those now who go on
To fight for freedom blessed
The hearts of love all joined now
Life's battle for oppressed

America and nations
Whose soldiers have marched on
To bring the joy of freedom
The foreign soil's Icons

Hearts of many nations
Heard in whispered prayer
Protect our freedom fighters
Keep them in your care

Sacrifices given
Those that will be made
Hearts of all united
Love's victory displayed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~





Midi Entitled "Tears For All The Children"

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