Out of the darkness we will see the light
For all who have struggled from morning to night
Endlessly working to try to appease
Hearts of those loved ones together we grieve

We seek only answers we try to ask why
No answer will come now with tears that we cry
Compassion with love for months so much pain
Each act of such courage by love now sustained

They carried our children our parents and then
So constant their searching ~ right to the end
Today as we watch them in solemn repose
Each heart filled with sorrow respectfully goes

Knowing they gave us the best that they could
They struggled and painfully worked for the good
Hearts touched by beauty and whispered sweet prayer
We'll never forget you ~ Your souls fill the air

Ground is now fertile with beauty they gave
Acres of land with all their hearts paved
Weeds of despair we remove them this day
Flowers of velvet will now come our way

Carry our loved ones in sweet memory
Know that in wisdom their hearts now set free
So sacred this place and always will be
From all these ashes great courage we see

For those who are grieving for all who have gone
Within all our hearts their life carries on
With memories gathered with love that is there
We'll build them a monument by love we will share

Join hands together in love form a chain
Our loved ones now gathered shall always remain
Peace fall upon us like silken sweet rain
Ground never barren where love always reigns.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 30, 2002




Midi "Do You Dream Of Me" by Michael W. Smith


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