Always there beside you
Locked so deep inside
Beyond the tallest mountain
With love and so much pride

The softest part of heaven
It lives with so much grace
Tom is there to guide you
With love he will embrace

So now it shall be written
Upon the deepest grave
Lives who were all taken
Each name on heart was saved

Tears that fall upon us
Wiped with angel's wings
With softest breeze upon us
Now born with sweet blessings

His life with deep compassion
His smile with passion's light
He lives on now forever
The beacon that was bright

Friends and family gather
Upon their hearts receive
Treasured golden memories
In life will never leave

Remembrances echo
In life he loved to share
Beyond each new tomorrow
His footsteps shall be there

Walking in your shadow
Whatever road you take
His arm around you always
He'll take away the ache

For he will be your sunset
In distance your great dawn
For in your eyes he brings forth
The glory of love drawn

Like waves upon the ocean
That never have an end
The love that he has given
Will all return again.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

This poem dedicated to the wife and family of
Tom Pecorelli who died on September 11, 2001.
He was a passenger aboard Flight 11
from Boston to Los Angeles. His plane was
the first to crash into the World Trade Center.

Please click here to read his story.





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