Fire all around them
Through devastation plowed
Brave courageous heroes
Climbed tower of the clouds

Walking up determined
To help their fellowman
Making way to danger
Their victory began

Standing tall and vigilant
They moved along their way
Hearing cries of others
Who lost their lives that day

Three hundred plus towards danger
With no fear in their eyes
Just honest pure devotion
Such honor with great pride

Standing tall in honor
They served their country best
Names of those forever
In treasured hearts possessed

Who in life in sorrow
That sits amongst the ruins
Each and every relative
By sorrow now consumed

We say to you with grateful hearts
Their heroism clear
Each one an icon to the world
Each day will be revered

For every life we lost that day
A fireman stood tall
Reaching out with hand of hope
They gave to us their all

No single life that left this earth
Upon this saddest day
Remembrances for everyone
The courage they displayed

So rests upon their shoulder
The colors of our light
The freedom of this nation
In flag that waves "unite".

~ Francine Pucillo ~





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