Thought of you this special day
The day so filled with love
For every dream that you did have
Your whispers heard above

Each of you a part of us
Of love that flows within
Whatever day that comes along
We think of you and then

Bow our heads look to the sky
We wave with hands so high
Know that you are watching us
With love from heaven's sky

You now belong to everyone
Each heart that went away
Knowing deep within our hearts
Your beauty now cascades

Like softest breezes in the wind
That steadily will rise
Such beauty in your harmony
Your music fills the skies

Dreams of yours we want to live
With every waking day
Knowing that tomorrow brings
Love's sweetest gentle ray

Warming us with gentle hearts
All gathered up above
Today a message that we send
It rises up with love

Give us strength to carry on
With courage without fear
Knowing that each one of you
Sends love with soft cashmere.

~ Francine Pucillo ~



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