Some men are born of glory
In silence they remain
Brave and mighty warriors
Whose gallantry now reigns

Upon his heart of honor
He raced in without fear
To thousands now in danger
His bravery so clear

Amongst the brave and mighty
They formed a human chain
To rescue those in danger
His life was not in vain

For he has left a nation
That feels so very blessed
For courage that he offered
So many now have wept

His family left on earth now
Such sacrifice was made
To save a fellow human being
No greater love portrayed

Each one of you who lives on
With memories received
Know the greatest miracle
His heart of love now weaves

Those of you who loved him
You'll see his smile each day
Always know the mark of life
His footprints always stay

So many of them gather
Within God's special light
Their marks are made in heaven
By stars that they ignite

This day that Gerry left you
God's angel came to greet
Brought him to a special place
Where sky and clouds now meet

There he felt the glory
He finally touched the clouds
The scene that gave him splendor
His spirit now enshrouds.

~ Francine Pucillo ~






Gerry Schrang


Proud Member of Rescue 3 "Big Blue"

Lost his life on September 11, 2001

Rescuing those caught in the tower attacks.

Special operation command lost 93 out of 200 firefighters.

He was a member of the FDNY for 20 years

but wanted to make 25 years, before retirement.

He was 45 years old. He leaves behind his wife Denise, married for 25 years.

And was the proud father of two children, Daughter Jaclyn, 22 ~ Son Brian, 19.

 He is also survived by his parents, Barbara and Gerry,

 two brothers, Glenn and Tom and a sister Beth.

His father Gerry Schrang, was a dedicated NYC police officer for 35 years.

 He leaves a piece of his heart with all who knew and loved him.

Gerry loved to hunt and fish and loved his cabin in the woods

of Downsville. He would always tell his wife during their trips there,

"We are so close to the clouds and God, that we could reach up and touch them."



~ He finally touched the clouds ~



Gerry's wife, Denise, is a

Proud Member of Rescue 3 Big Blue

And Joe's Sharing and Caring Society.



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