Daddy we can see you
Way up in the sky
Hearts with you forever
We see you as you fly

Sky so filled with beauty
When we look above
Rainbow with bright colors
Soft colors of your love

Catch the wind and measure
Love that's in the air
Coming from your children
Our hearts on wing of prayer

Miss your touch and presence
The softness of your kiss
Feel your arms around us
Your tenderness exists

Taken from us swiftly
Your spirit now lives on
In each and every one of us
Your destiny is bound

Remembrances always
Will last for all our days
Love and tender mercy
Within our hearts this day

Beneath the wind we feel you
Your touch beyond compare
Gentle hand of Daddy
Always reaching there

Love comes in an instant
With softest sweetest breeze
Tomorrow and forever
Thoughts of you appease

Memories now linger
With love and so much pride
Wrapped around each treasure
In life you did provide

Fly on in the wind now
Together we will soar
Now and till we meet again
We couldn't love you more.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright May 16, 2002



Dedicated with Love to all those Dad's who lost their

lives on September 11, 2001. May their children feel

their spirit and presence in their hearts forever.


We also dedicate this to our soldiers who have lost

their lives as a result of this devastating day in our

history and pray for those who have been brutally

murdered by the barbaric terrorists who continue

to hide behind their masks to bring fear to those

 who would want to share in freedom without fear.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


Midi "Vole" (Fly) By Celine Dion

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