Dedicated to America

We must be united
Not filled with such fear
With such evil forces
Our courage is clear

We're free and we're mighty
This way we shall be
We fought all our battles
So we could be free

Let's not be discouraged
By things that we see
For God's on our side
Our truth constantly

They want us to cower
Be filled with great woe
But we are Americans
Our spirits now flow


Let's walk on our streets
They're paved with pure gold
By those who have toiled here
Their hard work behold

For we are united
We have no regrets
For honor and glory
They are our vignettes

So gather your strength
With love we have known
Be brave for our country
Your freedom your home


Hold your heads high
Let's show them whose brave
These evil and ignorant
Their souls are depraved

Each one of us soldiers
No emblem we need
The flag of our nation
In honor retrieved

So proud to be part of
This land brave and true
To show brightest colors
The red white and blue


Remember our journey
It starts with each step
With hands held together
With tears we have wept

We all will go forth
With right on our side
No evil controls us
Lets gather all pride

Fight for the purpose
We live on this earth
All brothers and sisters
With freedom in birth


Look to the heavens
Raise heads way up high
Show them the courage
No fear in these eyes.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

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