After life's storm
The sky will be bright
All of our burdens
Are eased by His Light

For high in the clouds
His heart now goes forth
Greeting all heroes
The ones that were lost

With love in their hearts
His brothers were near
They carried his body
With eyes filled with tears

This man of great beauty
Who belong to them all
Always they gathered
In destiny's call

His love was a given
With gentleness stayed
The loss of this fortress
Each fireman prayed

They carried his body
So sacredly placed
His sacrifice given
God's love he embraced

None are forgotten
On this dreadful day
When gates of the heavens
Was opened doorway

For all that had entered
Were greeted above
Sweet angels all gathered
With bouquets of love

Today as we mourn him
His life will go forth
For courage and beauty
Was gentleness taught

Know that he is watching
With love from on high
The helmet he wears now
It glows in God's eye.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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