Always there beside you
I'll watch you every day
Joy within me flowing
On this our special day

Those around who greet you
With love that's in their heart
We'll always be a part of
Life's greatest work of art

I know that you will know me
For those I love are there
Holding you and loving you
One day you'll be aware

Always I'll be near you
Watching as you grow
Feeling so much pride and joy
My son I love you so

Oceans run so deeply
They span across the land
My spirit always with you
One day you'll understand

Endless waves of love
That crash upon the shores
Your Daddy's special greeting
Each day the ocean roars

Angels sweetly singing
They all were standing by
Looking at my face that beamed
When I looked into your eyes

Mommy's precious bundle
Daddy's pride and joy
In life my spirit holds you
My precious little boy.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001~2003



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