Years of many memories
May fill your heart today
Loved ones gone to heaven
Within your heart they stay

Tree forever sparkling
Filled with glorious ray
Spirits joined together
Warmth won't fade away

Dad and Mom are gone now
Grandma left too soon
Grandpa isn't there now
When you walk into the room

Little babies laughing
Within these hallowed halls
Echoes of sweet beauty
Become your softest shawl

Sisters, brothers smiling
Relatives all near
Treasures of your memories
Life's souvenirs appear

Loves most precious treasures
We keep them in our heart
Around your tree this Christmas
Their Spirits now impart

Feel their love abiding
With warmth and love they share
Memories of Christmas
With Blessings that are there

Quiet night descending
Close your eyes and see
Loved ones now are  present
Their love lights Christmas tree .

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright December 2002



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