How gentle was your beauty
That filled my heart with peace
The joy of life you gave me
The gift that was complete

The joy in life we gathered
Is precious for all time
The smile that filled a moment
Is gathered now with rhyme

Your gift of life so precious
With all the love you gave
A timely gift of beauty
That in my heart I save

I see you for a moment
I hold my breath in awe
I know your heart is with me
I could not ask for more

You'll never be forgotten
For you are there to see
A box of satin ribbons
That shines so beautifully

I know this day had meaning
For you were like the child
Whose eyes lit up with wonder
As Christmas day arrived

You were like the present
That gave so much through life
I hold you to me closely
So blessed to be your wife

I reach for you in memories
I touch your heart of gold
It helps me through the moments
With love that now unfolds

So speak to me on Christmas
Just one more time to hear
That you will always love me
So I know that you're near

The present that I see now
That’s filled with love we share
Is wrapped in joy and beauty
The gift in life I wear.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
"Mrs. Arthur Pucillo"
©Copyright November 18, 2009



Lo, How A Rose E're Bloomin
by the Royal Philharmonic

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