Always wrapped around me 
Were angel wings of gold 
Held with wings when I was young 
Now direction would be told 

Walked inside a chapel 
Housed within a home 
For years this was to be the place 
That safely I would roam 

These angels with their arms so wide 
Welcomed me inside 
Brought to me with golden wings 
The spirit of my pride 

Taught me all there was to know 
About my special life 
Told me I was sent to them 
To ease my saddened flight 

Soon I became a part of 
This greatest family 
Children of all colors 
Living naturally 

Learning all the values 
I needed in my life 
Taught return of so much love 
With powers of all might

Here within my heart 
The chapel of all peace 
Where Sisters of Good Shepherd 
Were the angels of my lease 

To guard me and protect me 
From life that was so pained 
Their love and admiration was 
The blessing that I gained 

I was one of hundred who had 
Strayed away from fold 
Searching they did find me 
Gave me all the love they hold 

For years I traveled with them 
Their golden wings around 
My heart it filled with beauty 
 Of the dreams that I have found 

I learned to know the miracle 
Of One Solitary Life 
The Child was born on Christmas 
That gave me light so bright 

I knew that I was special 
For angels held me tight 
Molded me with love you see 
Taught me what was right 

So when I left this place of love 
To live life on my own 
The angels they did bless me 
With a pocketful of gold 

They taught me all the beauty 
That my heart did have to learn 
Gave to me the tenderness 
That now my life returns 

This very special love 
That I received in life 
From a tiny little chapel 
That was housed within my sight 

These special wings are spanned across 
My heart this Christmas night 
The special wings of Mothers 
 Still wrap around me tight 

These special wings of gold 
That kept me safe and warm 
Are the wings of my sweet angels 
That sheltered me in storm.


~ Merry Christmas ~ 
To All My Mothers 
Sisters of the Good Shepherd, RGS


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright Christmas 2000





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