The Special Gift 

A memory of my greatest gift 
When I was very small
 Grandma gave me from the heart
Most precious gift of all

Wanted little baby carriage
Complete with little doll
Knew it wouldn't happen
Our life was very hard

So Grandma said don't worry 
Santa finds a way
He'll bring to you a special gift
When he pulls up with his sleigh

So I was sad and didn't know 
If that were really true
I knew that Santa did exist 
I still believe it too

So that night when I went to bed 
 I made a little wish
Oh please dear Santa bring to me 
My special Christmas gift

In my heart I think I knew that
This could never be
My gift was at the corner store 
Still was Christmas eve

So with a very heavy heart 
For someone who was three
I kissed my Grandma and my Gramps
They meant so much to me

On Christmas morning I awoke 
Ran inside to see
A Christmas tree so neatly dressed 
Was waiting there for me

Beneath the tree their was a gift 
My name was on the top
My heart just fell because I knew
It wasn't in that box

But Grandpa said hey little girl 
Come see what Santa left
I smiled and said oh it's all right 
I'm sure it's a new dress

Then he laughed and said to me
Well open your surprise
I carefully unwrapped the gift
There before my eyes

A rag doll made with Grandpa's socks 
Silk hankies from my Gram
So special made of socks and lace
She fit snugly in my hand

Then I said I have no carriage 
To wheel my doll around
Gram just said oh just hand to me
The box where doll was found

I gave it to her saying 
Why do you want it Gram
She got a piece of ribbon 
She was decorating grand

Came to life this shoebox
A string she added too
Ribbons and all kinds of things
Made it look like new

Fran was so excited she
Took her special gift
Running down three flights of stairs
Not one step did she miss

Put the box down on the ground
Pulled her everywhere
Some kids were outside playing
Laughing as they stared

What is that thing that's in the box
They really were so mean
Playing with their pretty toys
Laughing while I screamed

My Nana made this special gift
I love it very much
You can laugh at me you know
But do not dare to touch

Looked at me and walked away
I think I won this fight
I felt so proud of my new gift
It filled me with delight

I took that little shoebox 
The doll that was so grand
And paraded it around the street
Imagined box was pram

Today I think of all the things 
That make me what I am
I thank my Grandma for the gift 
Made with her loving hands

The greatest gift I ever got
That lasted whole life through
When I think of it today 
It still is bright and new

The gift she gave was something 
That would never ever part
Each Christmas I receive it still 
With love from Grandma's heart.

~ Frances Mroczek ~
10-7-1899 ~ 10-11-77
I Love You Grandma


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright Christmas 2000




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