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Tender Heart


No Christmas spent with Daddy 
No fault to hold ~ just tears 
A sadness that I carried 
For many many years 

Still it didn't matter cause 
I always loved this man 
His gift a silver dollar 
A coin placed in my hand 

So much to think of in this life 
Why things just do go wrong 
But always can you find a way 
To hear life's gentle song

No memories of what could have been 
That sadness lasts too long 
I learned to love my Daddy
As years just came along

To hope one day the man who left 
Will bring you back the years 
These times will never happen 
This never stops the tears 

Write you own new book of life ~ 
Let the pages show
With golden words to live by 
The ones that gives life glow

His children never next to him 
I know this to be true 
As time goes on you must forgive 
This trespass grieves you too

No one here is perfect 
The sorrow never small 
My Daddy he did love me 
I knew that and recall

He left to find a new life 
He needed a new start 
 I got to know him better 
As quickly years would part

When we meet in heaven 
I'll bring along to spend 
A silver dollar in a box 
Held in my hand again

The silver now has turned to gold 
Our love has been defined
For every Christmas we did lose
God's special love we find.

~ I Love You Daddy ~
William M. Wisniewski 
2-4-18 ~ 7-5-97


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright Christmas 2000



Midi "The Gift" by Bruce DeBoer

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