A tattered dress she wore 
On every holiday 
Always wanted something new 
Especially this day 

Christmas Eve was special time 
She wanted just to be 
Like all the other kids 
Who dressed so beautifully

When evening arrived 
Time for her to dress
Saw what she was wearing
All very neatly pressed

Her eyes were filled with tears
Knew what time was spent
To make this dress look special
So she tried to be content

She fixed her hair all neat on top
Placed ribbons for some flair
 Mom and Dad were waiting
When they saw her standing there

They said you look so beautiful
She smiled and felt so shy
Tried so hard wipe away
The tears that she had cried

Walking toward the church 
Now friends and family met 
Greeting all with such great joy 
So filled with happiness

Everyone had compliments
For her neat but tattered dress
She felt so very special 
Knew her heart was blessed 

As long as she remembered 
She loved this season best
Always took some time see
Sweet Jesus in His crèche 

Mother Mary next to Son 
Dressed in swaddling cloth 
Realized the beauty of 
This miracle love brought

As they were walking home 
In the beauty of the night 
This little girl looked up to Mom 
She said with much delight 

Thank you for my dress 
I looked so nice and new 
I felt so very proud today
All because of you 

She realize that Jesus was 
Dressed in swaddling cloth 
That Mother Mary loved Him so 
She wrapped Him in her warmth 

Jesus smiled so pretty
In His crib that was so bare 
Mattress made of straw 
His Mommy's love aware

I'll never feel ungrateful 
For anything I own
Cause it is given to me with love 
Such tenderness was shown

That beauty is not in value 
Of things that people see 
It's in the heart that loves someone 
That gives joy constantly

On Christmas when she woke up 
She was filled with so much glee 
Found a box with ribbons tied 
Underneath their tree 

When she opened up the box 
Her eyes just looked above 
Mom and Dad smiled down on her 
This gift was all their love 

A dress of velvet and of lace 
To light her pretty face 
This gift that she was given was 
Designed with so much grace

She put the red dress on
She danced so merrily
This was greatest Christmas 
That ever was to be

She never will outgrow this dress 
It's where her love is traced 
Forever she'll remember gift 
That can never be replaced

Her heart made of this velvet 
Her soul made of the lace 
This treasury of memories
Is love that she embraced. 

~ Francine Pucillo~

ęCopyright 2000

" Francine with her sister Lorraine "



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