I remember Christmas
With you right by my side
The fun we had while waiting
For Santa to arrive

We never did quite make it
Never saw him land
One bake set and Monopoly
The sharing was so grand

Not many gifts were given
The joy of only two
Gave us so much happiness
Brought us closer too

For me you were my Christmas
I still can feel your hand
Holding on with so much love
This touch of joy expands

For heaven has an Angel
Who lives within my heart
Although you are not with me now
Our spirits never part

And yes I shall remember
The treasures that you gave
Your heart and gentle spirit
Are memories I save

No one feels the beauty
That always shall remain
Thoughts of love and Christmas
The heart of sweet Lorraine.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright November 20, 2003












Midi Entitled "Christmas Angel" By Bruce DeBoer

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