My Special Heart 

There are times when my heart 
Is filled with pain and grief 
When I think of brother Bill 
Who grew up in mean streets 

He didn't have a place to stay 
When he was a little boy 
He just went from home to home 
Like a little gypsy's toy 

His heart was full of love 
He would laugh so merrily 
Never felt the hurt of what 
His life was meant to be

He would live from time to time 
In a place where he was warm 
Finally my Grandpa died 
Grandma coaxed him home 

Struggled through his life 
Fought alcohol and drugs 
Then became a counselor 
By many he was loved 

Life began to work for him 
Things were going great 
His health did fail and he was ill 
For years this was his fate 

He'd spend the days in bed 
Talking with his friends 
Offering to help someone 
But knew his life would end 

He fought so hard with all his might 
Through every crisis there 
His wife beside him every day 
Filled with love and care 

For years he lived within his bed 
Sometimes he sat in chair 
Always when I walked in room 
His face would light with care 

This little boy who had my heart 
Since I was just a child 
We were so connected then 
It lasted just with smiles 

He loved me so and I loved him 
We didn't have to talk 
Just a look of comfort would bring 
The happiness we sought

I never will forget his eyes 
They were so crystal blue 
His lashes were a woman's wish 
So natural curly too 

A smile that could light up the world 
This gift God gave to him 
That no one who would ever meet 
Could resist that special grin 

On a special birthday 
He sent a card to me 
In it this is what he said 
Such simple poetry 

I always loved you with my heart 
 I'm sorry I'm not there 
I want you to just realize 
That it's your heart I wear

Several days after that 
I received an urgent call 
I went to see this special man 
We didn't speak at all

I really thought that he'd pull through 
This man whose heart I keep 
I put my head upon his chest 
Heard his heart skip beats 

As I walked away from him 
I turned to look around
The tears were streaming down my face 
This memory now is bound 

He passed away that night you see 
Took a piece of me 
It was close to Christmas 
My heart was so empty

I don't know how I got through days 
With so much pain and grief 
On Christmas day I went to see 
The place where he does sleep 

I sat on bench looked on the wall 
 I swear I saw his face 
It filled my heart with so much love 
This picture won't erase

This gift I got from Brother Bill 
Will always be a part 
The smile he gave that Christmas Day 
Is always in my heart. 

~ I Love You Bill ~ 

William Michael Wisniewski 
9-10-42 ~ 10-10-96


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright Christmas 2000


Midi "Angels" by Bruce DeBoer


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