Days gone by and moments spent
Filled with love and happiness
Simple things that brought a smile
Always last the longest while
No matter what your childhood brought
The message "love" was always taught
The gift of love that always stays
Within the heart won't fade away
So gifts received with so much pleasure
Are memories sought within your leisure
Remembering the things that shine
Within the past of happy times
All those gifts of bye gone days
Fill our hearts in happy ways
That is why those times we treasure
Within the past now bring such pleasure
For those days within the heart
The memories shall never part
Of what was given and was craved
Will linger now for all we've saved
Time will never have an ending
For the joy of love amending
Gifts that gave our life great meaning
Are constant treasures worth repeating.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright November 2004



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